martes, enero 30, 2007

reinventar la rueda: no se debe descartar

Del foro BoS:
"Otherwise you're reinventing the wheel for no benefit whatsoever."

Closed source is equivalent to reinventing the wheel over and over again.  But who said reinventing the wheel is bad?

When the wheel was first invented it was made of wood/stone and
was probably the size of an ox cart wheel.

Imagine if the wheel is never reinvented and has remained the
same till today... Imagine...

1. A bicycle using big ox cart wheels.
2. A car being driven on ox cart wheels.
3. A formula one car racing on ox cart wheels.
4. A bus running on ox cart wheels.
5. A train running on ox cart wheels.
6. An aeroplane taking off on ox cart wheels.

Even a wheel is worth reinventing again and again.  Closed source is worth money just because it keeps reinventing things and making them better.

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